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Well Services in Walla Walla, WA

Well Services
We’ve been in business since 1945 and are proud of the expertise we bring to the job.
Well Drillers
We specialize in using cable tool rigs, which allows for a straighter method of drilling.
Water Well Service
We offer free estimates and perform water production and static water level testing.


Harding Drilling Inc. provides a broad range of well services to customers throughout Walla Walla, Pedigo, College Place, and Dixie, WA, along with Milton-Freewater, OR. Our family-owned and -operated business specializes in domestic wells, irrigation wells, cleanouts and more. Founded in 1945, we’re highly trained to deliver quality well services, using the very best drilling equipment. Contact us today for a free estimate on water well service or to inquire about our well drilling capabilities.
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Drilling out a well takes more than just the right equipment—it demands a thorough understanding of the water table, soil composition, drilling technique and so much more. When you hire well drillers in Walla Walla, WA, you need to be completely confident in their abilities. It’s why property owners choose Harding Drilling Inc. for water well services and have since 1945. We drill water wells for both potable use and for irrigation, and we know exactly how to approach the job to ensure you get the well you need.

We are affiliated with the Oregon & Washington Groundwater Associations

For existing wells, we’re the experts people call when the well itself needs repair or general widening/deepening. We can help well owners solve problems of production or consistency, or make sure an at-risk well gets the attention it needs to maintain its integrity. We’re even capable of environmental drilling and well cleanouts, ready to put our expertise to work in special situations and projects. Call today to learn more about our capabilities and let us make sure your well is properly-drilled, well-functioning and safe.

Need Water Well Service?

Our well drillers’ capabilities make Harding Drilling Inc. the premier choice for all types of wells, for irrigation or potable use. For more information about our abilities, please contact us today. We provide drilling and water well services to the following cities and surrounding areas:
Milton-Freewater, OR | Umapine, OR | Touchet, WA | Lowden, WA | Dixie, WA | Walla Walla, WA